Garcia Goodbye // Just Like You

print10“As a 14-year-old, I found myself locked up in a room with a girl I had never seen before. A common friend of us thought we’d make a great couple. Instead of living an exciting afternoon, we were paralyzed by the awkwardness of the moment. Also, we were too young to talk and too shy for action. For more than three hours, we didn’t say one word. It marked one of the craziest moments in my childhood.” Tommy Gontie – singer for Belgian’s Garcia Goodbye – is glad the emotions he lived that bizarre afternoon have found their way into a minimal indie pop song recalling the lucid, atmospheric sounds of Belle & Sebastian, Of Monsters And Men, …

Garcia Goodbye is releasing their new song Just Like You on June 21st. Their brand new single was recorded months ago already, yet it was waiting for the start of Summer, assuming this tune will give their fans across the planet an extra boost of Vitamin D. The song comes as a free download for 2 weeks.

WAV download: click here     MP3 download: click here     ISRC: BEQ991210079

pic_to_send(1)Garcia Goodbye (BE) is the Belgian DIY duo Jens LeenTommy Gontie, who are releasing a first new single after living a number of sonic adventures abroad. With the vocal help of Stien Bovijn – with whom they have toured before – they have created a small song about the grandeur of shyness, fear and love.

With more than 30.000 Facebook fans and a series of YouTube hits, the band embarks on a Summer tour in Benelux and France this Summer. The rest of Europe is set as from October.

Music / Lyrics: Tommy GONTIE Production / Mixing: Ruben DEBUSSCHERE Mastering: Uwe TEICHERT